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Monday, August 29, 2005

I.Q. +10, CHARISMA +??

it has been two weeks since my head started to ache after being in front of the PC the whole day. i realized that it must be my eyes that was causing that discomfort. i have a very sharp vision. i remember surprising doctors during medical exams by reading the Snellen chart effortlessly. i even confused one doc by spelling the fine print at the lower right part of the chart. it read, M-A-D-E-I-N-T-H-E-P-H-I-L-I-P-P-I-N-E-S. that is why i never really suspected having trouble with my eyes. what finally made me point out that it really was my eyes is that one time, i experienced a slight shift of vision. i also had a hard time focusing at an object. hmm… it might be just stress if it wasn’t accompanied by the piercing pain at my temples like migraine. i told my mom about it and she told me that those are symptoms of an eye problem. it could get worse if i just let it be. oh my GOD! it’s a sign of aging!

yesterday after hearing mass… (yup, up to now i never fail to be at least PHYSICALY PRESENT. although hindi naman ganung ka-hirap sumama sa simba kasi sa SM yung mass) … i asked my mom to have my eyes checked at vision express. before i had eye problems, i was actually in search of eyeglasses that could make me look smarter. hehe! this was the perfect time to have one, and not just a cheap one, a real prescription glasses! i sat in front of this eye thingamajig that measured my eye focus response. i thought i did well, spotting the hidden sheep behind the barn across the fields. (you didn’t see that did you?) to my surprise, my left eye was rated 25. near-sighted. although it was an acute eye problem, i wouldn’t gamble my vision. i was given the go signal by my mom to have my prescription glasses.

decisions, decisions. i’m really not good at making decisions when it comes to small things like buying a new shirt or a pair of glasses. i had to fit almost all of the spectacles on display before i chose the thin-framed black specs from girbaud. my sis got envy and got herself one too from the same brand. GAYA-GAYA! hehe! with my glasses on, i look 10 I.Q. points higher. asteeeg!


Blogger 321Fire said...

d'droz, with eye condoms on you look like rowell santiago...asstig!

29 August, 2005 19:58  
Blogger droz said...

gagu! hehehe!

30 August, 2005 17:41  

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