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Sunday, February 04, 2007

time over

eversince we finished the final documentation for the thesis, i have been pre-occupied in managing the family business. every week, monday to saturday, i go to work from 8am until all the salesmen finish their remittances; usualy my day ends around 7pm. i go straight home after that with only chatting with chai in mind. after that, i hit the bunk. everyday is almost the same. working really is routinary. aside from the uncomfortable working environment and the mental stress that goes along with the decisions i make everyday, it's the lack of time that really bugs me. it seems like 24 hours is not enough for me. i hardly have time for myself. no more computer gaming, time for exercise, i can't even watch tv for god's sake! all of my once-abundant time are now gone like globe's unlimitext (haha). it seems like i'm slowly being eaten up by my work. it's not that i'm complaining, i somewhat enjoy what i'm doing and really learning a lot. it's just that i wish i had more time to do all the things i want to do. here are the things i would like to do...

1. apply for a job outside our business
2. enroll in boxing
3. watch one piece
4. have more time with my girl (at least in chatting)
5. go to australia for a visit


by the way, guys, you better ready your gifts and congratulations for this coming saturday, DROZ will finally march the red carpet with the famous composition of Aida playing in background. whoooopeeeedoooooooo!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


(back glance)

what happened to you droz? what have you been doing this past months? you haven't made an entry for quite some time, why is that? well, if no one even noticed, i'm officially a loser. haha!

time out from blogging sure drained tons of words in my head so i'm writing in bullet form. LOL

what i did during the past months:
  1. feel miserable for losing the only girl i love
  2. concentrated on fixing our mapping robot
  3. helped out with our family business
  4. learned DotA (owning!)
  5. almost got dengue on my birthday
  6. finished the F-ing robot!
  7. carried one of my groupmate to the hospital
  8. almost had a professor kidnapped for not approving the thesis
  9. jumped for joy for getting all the professors' nod of approval
  10. doing documentation NOW

Sunday, September 17, 2006

just my luck?

hello peeps, i've just got home from my 3-day stay at beautiful island of boracay. you may ask.. huh? why now? it's september? DUH! well actually i went there with my family because of my cousin gen's wedding. SOSYAL? not actually, she got that dream wedding from the GMA show "wish ko lang". how? she works like there's no tomorrow, a typical workhorse. one day, while she was walking to her office, she was hit by a car. she wasn't really unscathed but it wasn't a serious injury. it was one of the results from the reguar diagnosis that caught everyone's attention...

she has breast cancer. it is in it's malignant stage so she must undergo chemo and yup, have her breast removed. before that happened, she was planning her dream wedding with her 11-year partner harold. for the previous months, she had undergone numerous visits to the hospital treating her condition and everything seemed going as planned. the theraphy though halved their funds for their wedding. well, it's better than nothing right?

during one of her check-ups, the thing everybody was fearing happened, the cancer has moved to her other breast. everyone was devastated hearing the news. this is when some of her friends decided to submit her story to GMA's wish ko lang. they wanted to give my cousin her dream wedding. everything happened so fast, we were informed about the wedding a week ago and it just happened. soon we were told that mom and dad were the principal sponsors and that the wedding is in boracay. 0_0

my parents left for boracay thursday. arol and i followed early friday morning. the whole wedding was very emotional, a tear-jerker for most of the witness. haaaaaaaaaay...


if you would also visit my multipy site, you could see that i uploaded some videos of me singing. i did all of those as my farewell present to chai.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Murder mystery in Makati Med

There was this case in the hospital's Intensive Care ward where patients
always died in the same bed and on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m.,
regardless of their medical condition.

This puzzled the doctors and some even thought that it had something to
do with the supernatural.

Or even murder. No one could solve the mystery as to "Why deaths happen
on Sunday at 11 AM?"
Jaime Licauco, Fr. Bulatao and the Ateneo paranormal folks were called.
They arrived one Sunday, armed with special photographic equipment,
infra-red devices and motion-sensitive radar to detect any presence. So
on the next Sunday morning a few minutes before 11 a.m., all the doctors
and nurses nervously waited outside the ward to see for themselves what
the mysterious phenomenon was all about. Some were holding wooden
crosses, strings of garlic, amulets, prayer books and other holy objects
to ward off evil spirits.

Just then, the clock struck 11...



.....Mang Joe, part-time Sunday janitor, entered the ward, unplugged the
life support system and plugged in the floor polisher.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


today is the 3rd of september, our 28th monthsary. who celebrates them during this time anyway? monthsaries are usually celebrated during the first months until it reaches the annual milestone. i don't hear couples greeting each other "happy 59th monthsary honey!", it would be very inconvenient and hard especially for guys to keep track of the progressing number.

eversince she left, the third of the month would only bring back our blissful memories together. it would make me long for her even more. i miss the feel of her face on my cheeks. i miss her soft whispers of passion and the way her lips touch my ears whenever she does it. It gives me goosebumps, sends shiver down my spine, making my knees weak. oh god, how i miss her passionate kiss and everything that follows...

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Something unimaginable happened, I’m drained-out of all my once-thought-bottomless energy. Judging by the way I’ve spent the previous week, I’m really not very surprised. I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained, oh yes, financially too! LOL. For almost everyday in one week, we held a farewell party for my butterfly, all with a different set of friends. Boy, does she have a lot of friends!

Yesterday was the end of my wait. The hangman finally opened the hatch, it was time for me to part ways with my partner for more than five years (technically, without the break-ups)



Back to my mourning…

I woke up at around 6:30 with barely 3 hours of sleep thanks to a last day get together with her GAMMA friends (HS tropa). Why do I have to wake up that early? I made an earlier commitment with my tita and her school. I promised to cover her Lingo ng Wika program. Chai was also invited by my tita to judge the preschoolers’ presentation but it wasn’t until the 10:30 session. She had to leave ASAP because of some last-minute crying sessions with some visitors. Meanwhile, I stayed there to finish what I’ve promised to do. As soon as the event was over, I headed back home to take a shower and burn her a CD of all our pictures.

EGAD! I left the CD in the jeep! Too bad I had no time left to make another one. It was already 2:30 and I need to help her wrap things up. Saddened by the thought that this was gonna be the last day we’ll be spending together, she couldn’t help but cry. I hugged her tight and promised her everything to console her but I just couldn’t cry even if I wanted to. The thought of her leaving still hasn’t sink in. I felt really bad because I couldn’t show her how sad I feel.

An hour later, we were off to Golden Haven for a final visit to their grandfather. We took a few shots for posterity and left for the Centennial Airport. The moment we stepped off the car, they were all crying. I still couldn’t get it, why am I not crying? Don’t I love her enough? Am I just faking it? GOD DAMN IT! What’s wrong Andro?!

The moment she turned her back at me a funny sensation filled my heart. It was pumping like crazy. I was shaking. My face crinkling-up, eyes watery… there it goes. I was crying so hard I had hiccups. There she goes, walking out of my life… There goes the person I love the most.

There were still a lot of things that happened that day before she flew out of the Philippines but I’ll continue it some other time. I’ll tell you one thing though, I cried myself to sleep last night…

Friday, August 18, 2006

missing school work

Andro T. Cuevas
Prof. Debbie Nacu

Article on leadership: Steve Jobs’ Magic Kingdom
How Apple’s demanding visionary will shake up Disney and the world of entertainment.

Leadership. As defined by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, it is to guide or direct in a course; to direct the performance or activities.

Whenever I hear the word “leadership”, the first thing that comes to my mind is a manager or an entrepreneur. Their job is to make sure that everyone working under them does the right thing everytime (or at least most of the time). The proof of a good leader is a successful venture much like that being experienced by Apple today.

Great Business comes from great products. Apple today is one of the hottest techie companies thanks to iPod and iTunes, the tandem that redefined coolness. They are so popular, they have become an icon for the electronics age. Apple focused on simplicity and convergence of technology unlike hi-tech Microsoft or plain, old, boring Dell. In three years span, their market value ballooned from $7 to $74 today. Apple however wouldn’t have risen to success if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs’ ingenious ways. In 1997, Apple was at rock-bottom having poor sales because of poor products. It all changed when they re-hired Jobs who took-over the company, transforming it to a quality-over-quantity company that made Bill Gates and Mike Dell a run for their money.

The secret, knowing what the market wants and releasing the product when it would be a hit. All his movements were very timely from the release of iMac to the current success of iPods. He knew that music should be portable and music players should match what you’re wearing. iPods today have been both a necessity and accessory for the young and the young-at-heart.

In terms of competency, Steve makes sure that he gets the best person for the right job and position. Efficiency is the key. He prefers to have a small team with the most brilliant minds than have a huge team with mediocre members. He even personally calls promising talents and other prodigies of different fields.

The same quality-over-quantity thing applies to the products they develop. He axed a dozen products being manufactured by the company and focused on just four. This way, he made sure that every product would be recognized best-in-class. Jobs never stooped to a level that made them manufacture products of inferior quality such as lower-end products just to boost sales or to expand to other technologies where Apple wouldn’t be the leader. He has this saying “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as much as I am of what we do.” It’s actually true. Why would you focus on things you know you are not capable of doing? Steve would rather devote his attention, as well as money, to his area of expertise.

Ironically, he ventured to animation industry via PIXAR, an all-digital animation studio famous for blockbusters like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. In short, it also became a huge success applying the same principles he used for Apple. Just recently, PIXAR and animation giant Disney became partners making Steve Jobs a majority share holder of Disney. In there, he established good relationship with the other executives gaining most of their trust.

With every bond he makes, he capitalizes. Since Disney is the owner of Network titan ABC and the world-wide leader in sports: ESPN, he used this links to further expand the scope of his iTunes. It now allows the download of Disney classics, ABC TV series (such as Desperate Housewives and Lost ) and ESPN clippings aside from the music downloads. Steve Jobs really had his eyes focused on Apple being the center of every living room, replacing the TV, radio, CD player and other appliances. (hmmm… do I see iRef or iStove in the near future?)

The qualities of a good leader does not end with making good relationship with other businesses, choosing the right people for the right job or focusing on continuous product development. A good leader is a working leader. Steve Jobs started out his empire with himself doing all the pencil-pushing and bolt-tightening, He assembled his own computer and conceptualized his own products. Having a leader that has all this skills would surely bring out the best in everyone. Looks may be deceiving but the hardly shaven, denim-wearing computer geek is actually a very good and successful multi-billionaire leader; certainly the core of this juicy Apple. Who wouldn’t want to be like him?

Monday, August 14, 2006

protection? more of stupidity

have you ever wondered kung bakit katulad ng germicidal soap commercials (see SAFEGUARD), pare-pareho lang din yung mga commercials ng napkins? wala lang. here's the usual plot:

1. a group of girls having fun, andun pa yung crush nya when suddenly... JAHE! heavyflow!

2. period-struck girl now feels uncomfortable kasi baka natagusan siya

3. bigla nyang maiisip na may state-of-the-art napkin na pala na mala-diapers kung humigop ng dugo at the same time, keeping it in the center of the pad! (simply brillant!)

4. one month later, gumala nanaman sila, andun nanaman yung crush nya at siyempre, dahil one month later nga (assuming na regular siya) edi siyempre red alert nanaman nung araw na yuon! (DUH!)

5. pero dahil naka-napkin na siya, ayun, nagg-suot pa siya ng white pants sa sobrang confidence nya na hindi siya tatagusan.

6. nilapitan nya yung crush nya at pina-amoy pa ang puwitan nya dahil alam nya na kahit anong singhot ang gawin ni lalaki, di na maaamoy yung malansang dugo sa NEW and ADVANCED napkin nya with FLOWGUARD, WINGS at SLIM DESIGN.

7. ayun, POOF! success, naka-score na si babae. too bad malalaman din ni mr. pogi yung tinatago nyang sikreto pag nag-yaya siya. *winkwink*

pero, let's look at this scenario. bakit ba kailangan mag-puting pants ang babae pag meron siya?! pwede ba, sa lahat ng babaeng nakakabasa nito, POST A COMMENT. sino sa inyo yung matapang enough na gawin yun? talaga bang may nakakagawa nun? kung oo, ano yung brand na ginagamit niyo? tell me please, i'm really curious.

Friday, August 11, 2006

life's extension

well, life goes on. chai's flight that was originally scheduled for today was moved to a later date, on the 25th. it's so hard to live your day normally knowing that your mate is about to leave you. you couldn't make advance plans, trips and other activities. haaaaay... i just couldn't get it out of my head. the thought of her leaving makes me weak inside. adds up to the ever-so-stressful life i'm living.

everything is uncertain though. her visa (as well as her brother's) are still pending because of the dependency issues (fyi: they are both working). maybe she'll be accepted, maybe not but what is certain is that once she passes the migration people, her leaving me is as sure as day follows night.

waiting is the worst! it's like hearing from the grim reaper himself that you will die any time within the year. you tend to get paranoid. everywhere you go, you would look at all directions scouting for a runaway train or a falling safe (i sure hope i hav my uber small umbrella once that happens).

i hope you guys know what i'm feeling right now. this is really hard for us. chai has really made a mark in my heart that wouldn't be erased for decades, forever. i really love her but the though of her leaving me makes me very vulnerable. i don't know what to do whether to follow her or to wait for her to come back here. but even though she returns here after 2 years or until she gets her australian citizenship the fact is she would then be an aussie (hmm.. i remembered my post about MIGRATION), and she would be based there maybe in melbourne. life is a lot better there than it would ever be here. i don't want to be selfish separating her from her family and her eden. now, i'm just taking it a day at a time. cherishing every moment left with my shine. when that time comes, i would wait for her like a loyal dog. (sigh)

i don't know if i could take it, im badly missing her right now (just 7 days without seeing her) pathetic...

Friday, August 04, 2006


yep, im back after two gruelling weeks of thesis. i spent the whole time at my friend's house assembling the prototype and doing the progam for the robot's behavior; and my god, am i tired?! i haven't got the time to check the net the whole week so obviously my mail was teeming with spam and other junk (with an exception to a few email like the one i posted a while ago)

it wasn't only my brain that was put on the skillet during the past days, my body wasn't spared from the stress. Practically no sleep, tired from the MWF gymdays, here i am barely able to walk straight. (blame it on the barbell squats) the good thing is we are past the 60% completion of the thesis. all we need to do is the stupid map-generating program (which is lot harder than you would expect). aside from that, i am actualy seeing results, good results from my work-outs. i'm winning back my washboards and gaining that ever-so-elusive pecs i'm dying to have. all i'm asking for is to achieve the BRUCE LEE look. HOOO HAAAAA!
and yup, i also dropped-by chai's house before i go home. 'twas our 27th month together! (maybe the last monthsary we'll be spending together... HUHUHU) i love you so much yummy... could you stay a little longer?


i am indeed "THE" LIBRA MAN
-commented by chai

A man who has no balance like his Zodiac symbol. He is not the gentle, cool , calm and charming guy like what you see. He has another dark side of aggression, stubborn and he likes to start an argument the most. Sometimes he can be so depress and unstable. Up and down like he is trying to balance himself most of the time.

To many people, he is a friendly guy and always smile even when he is mad or up set. His voice always gentle and calm. he always set and comb his hair as if he comes out from a shampoo advertisement. Mostly Libra men are good looking, even the ugly one is charming. When he smiles, it is so bright that the whole world is smiling with him too.

When he is in a balance mood, he is the type of person you want to be with. In other unbalancing mood, he likes to make people argue about something and watching it with fascination and fun. He will wait to be the one who compromise and clear thing up. He likes to be in a conflicting conversation.

Libra man is lazy by nature. After his tired day at work, he likes to sit still and just look out of the window or read quietly. He likes to be in his own world. After recharging his battery, he will be very energetic again and may even take you out that night.

Libra man normally will not do any shocking or abnormal things to be noticed. He likes to be conformed with his crowd, but if you watch him carefully, you will see the different. If he wear a shirt, it will have to be a zipper front instead of buttons, or a special tie bar. There is always something in him that he will not allow totally conformity to take him over.

A straight forward , no non-sense guy. He is careful and delicate in details. He will spent extra time to doing it right, than comes back to correct them later. He hates people who boost, or exaggerate. He does not like over dressed woman or make herself a center of an attention.

He loves to read. He loves poems and loves art. When he works he can work like crazy, but after work he can turn on romantic jazzy music and treat you so gently. He loves to give people advice and normally give a good advice. If you fall for him, you will stay like being trapped in a spider web. If you want to break up with him, he will persuade you a zillion ways to stay and you can not stop him anyway. After he persuade you to stay, or after a big fight, he will be so sweet to you as if he has never hurt your feeling before ever.
--- so true!!!!!

He will has his own way to win a girl love and affection. Once she says yes, he will lay back and wonder if he should go on or if he should back out. In his teen, he changed many girl friends because he can not clearly separate loving a friend and loving a girl friend. ***** hmmmmmmmp!!!! *****He will check and re-cheek if his match is suitable and compatible with him.

Even he is a romantic man, he can hardly understand the emotion of the one he loves.
He is a generous guy even he sets his life so systematically. He never knows when he makes you unhappy. He never knows how he up set you. He will never know what he said wrong. If he is your lover, be prepare for this. --- so true!!!!!

A not so pretty girl with no brain is not his type of woman. If you are not pretty enough, he will not mind talking to you but he does not care to get to know you. Any girls, pretty or ugly can ask for his help, he will be happy to help. He hates to argue by yelling at each other, so you tend to see he argue with his girl friend seriously but try at best to be very quiet.

He likes to have a girl friend by getting to know each other like a friend first. If you want him, you have to like the same thing he does. He prefers a pretty and gentle woman than a smart and ugly woman. You have to understand his mood especially he can has many different moods. He is a private person, so when he needs to be alone better let him be.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

so sweet!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

paint it pink?

just this afternoon, me and my shine painted one side of my room. well, it's chai we're talking about so everything was with a splash of pastel. hehe!

well she did splash some other thing on my newly-polished floor. it's blue paint everywhere! good thing we have a bottle of thinner to wipe-off the stains. WHEW!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


the days with my girl are numbered
36 more days and it's over
same number of days to look sober
soon she'll be staying "down under"

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

national hero

saludo kami sa iyo manny!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

i lied esse!

remember what i've said in my last post?

"going back to my story, early this week, from monday to thursday morning, we camped at ram's house for our thesis."

well actually, i snucked out of ram's house early tuesday morning and went home (that was after a whole night of work). we were actually sheduled to take our balik-bayans to the farmhouse in amadeo and tagaytay. i wouldn't have gone with them if i didn't promise chai to spend the day with her. she was kind'da feeling forgotten because of the workloads i have been doing lately. i see that opportunity as a free date. LOL. this is also one of those times i could spend time with both my family and my butterfly. bonding time! =)

we left las pinas at around 920 and arrived the coffee farm before 11. chai was really excited seeing the place because twas her first time. in there, i did some supervising with the paintjob giving out orders to the workers. (muwahahaha! powah!) the two balik-bayan kids were running around the place, pestering the workers with their stored energy. (those kids have more potential energy than a golf-ball's dense core!)

lunchtime at leslie's and oh boy, the dishes was superb! ehrmm... not for chai. my tita accidentally spilled the piping hot bulalo soup on chai's chest! i quickly ordered the waiter to bring us a bucket of ice to help cool down chai's red chest. i applied ice on her while she eats. i felt so embarrassed! good thing she was a sport (and because of the fast first aid, it didn't swell-up) so much for that. we burned a few films for posterity (although no actual film was used, duh? figurative) after eating and rested on the over-hanging kubos near the crater of taal. while we were resting, the two kids were wrecking havoc on the restaurant's garden.

rest time was over and it's off to residence inn zoo we go. i have been there a couple of times already and i could say, thir collection of fauna is far more diverse than what you see in manila zoo. they also have a few oddities in like the 5 legged bull and pig and the albino cow. i was out of energy, sleepless and tired. chai stayed with me at the bench as we wait for the others to finish their sight-seeing.

all-in-all, 99 bucks was worth it. well, technically it wasn't me who paid for chai and myself but my mum's 99 was worth it. LOL! by the time we finished circling the zoo, the sky was already growing dark. maybe it's late, maybe it's just gonna rain. well, it was more of both. we drove home with rain showering down on us, blessing another wonderful experience with my girl and my family.

Friday, June 30, 2006

chuckie, meet chucky

hahah, i just remembered, one of our related literatures was this one robot named CHUCKY. HAHA! it's a sonar-using robot too minus the map-generation.



i've been pretty busy the previous days. what have i been doing? thesis.

i still couldn't believe that i would be delayed just because of our thesis. i dunno, maybe it's all my fault, slacking around when i should be busy constructing our robot. actually, come to think of it, i'm not "that" disappointed being delayed. building our robot is no joke, 10 weeks to finish it (the amount of time before the defense) couldn't be accomplished especially when you have other subjects eating up your time. that was a term ago. now, we have no other excuse not to finish it for next term.

what's our thesis all about? we will construct a MOBOT (mobile robot) that is autonomous (meaning independent). what does it do? well, to put it in layman's term, it is AN EXPLORATION ROBOT. it would be deployed in an unknown environment to explore it and at the same time, send sonar feedbacks to the host computer. these sonar data will be used to generate a 2-dimensional map of the unknown environment. simple, NAH! when we searched the library and internet for related litaratures, we found out theat some poeple did manage to finish a robot that does the same thing as ours althoug they are not actually the kind of person you would call simple joes. they are actually doctors of the robotic field! DAMN! were we surprised when we saw that, we almost lost hope. how i wish i never saw those related lits.

so is our thesis THAT hard? at first glance, yes. but we are tackling the project a step at a time. it's actually doable. (the problem is i think we wouldn't be able to finish it within th term) i could say now, we're at the 30% mark. we wouldn't want to rush things. we're already delayed so why rush? our main goal is have this thesis receive the gold at graduation. an alibi good enough for employers. (just like my motto, AIM FOR PERFECTION, SETTLE FOR EXCELLENCE)

i suddenly remembered a song by the rage against the machine...

if you don't take action now, you'll SETTLE FOR NOTHING LATER!


going back to my story, early this week, from monday to thursday morning, we camped at ram's house for our thesis. i did the electronics and mechanical part, ram planned the algorithm for the robot's movement and map generation, antz did experiments on the microcontroller. edward was home studying the motor controller and herbert... hmmm... he well... uhmmm...

in the process of making the motor run, i busted the dual-bridge our thesis adviser lent us. we wouldn't tell her unless she asks for it. LOL. but the loud pop made by the IC kept us awake that night. because of that incident too, i managed to make the two half-bridges we previousl thought was busted work. ram, on the other hand, got his own eureka moments with the program. antz and i also made the sonars, tranciever and electronic compass work and transmitt the data to the host pc. WHOOPEEEDOOO! i could say that was one of the most productive days in our thesis building.

next week, i will be targeting to finish the platform of the robot (the wheelbase and the surface where all the components will be mounted). edward would also be joining us to piece-in his motor controller with my bridge and antz's microcontroller. i sure hope it would be if not as successful, better than this week.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

that (was) entertainment

just now, i'm watching game ka na ba, and the guests are former child stars and matinee idols. the very first celebrity who qualified for the face-off was chuckie dreyfuss! haha!

wala lang. i remember me and the guys talk about what cool tshirt would you like happy days or spoofs to have. it was unanimous, not rene requiestas, not panchito nor ike lozada. everyone wanted a chuckie dreyfuss tshirt! hahaha!

i could say, he's quite knowledgable with the gay lingo. (look at the pic) haha! it's up to you to judge. :-p

got this from http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1463207/

Chuckie Dreyfuss

Trivia: Used to race in the Philippine Soap Box Derby, along with Isabel Granada. (show more)
Sometimes Credited As:
Chuckie Dreyfus / Charles 'Chuckie' Dreyfuss / Chuckie 'Boy' Dreyfuss

Actor - filmography
(1990s) (1980s)

  1. Pangako sa iyo (1992)
  2. Lessons in Love (1990)
  3. Tora tora, bang bang bang (1990)
  4. Papa's Girl (1990)

  5. Huwag kang hahalik sa diablo (1989) (as Chuckie Dreyfus)
  6. Isang araw walang Diyos (1989)
  7. Tiyanak (1988)
  8. Family Tree (1987) .... John
  9. When I Fall in Love (1986)
  10. Once Upon a Time (1986)
  11. The Crazy Professor (1985)
  12. Idol (1984) (as Chuckie 'Boy' Dreyfuss)

  13. Horsey, horsey, tigidig, tigidig (????)
  14. I Have Three Hands (????)
  15. Row 4: Baliktorians (????)

Miscellaneous Crew - filmography

  1. D' Anothers (2005) (musical director) (as Charles 'Chuckie' Dreyfuss)
Composer - filmography "SCQ Reload Ok Ako!" (2004) TV Series

(by the way guys, i uploaded some pics for the "philippine idol" post. my pic with mr salonga and the crowd.)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

top 10 resons to why to date an engineer

10. The world does revolve around us...
we chose the coordinate system.

9. No "couple" enjoys a better "moment".

8. We know how to handle stress and strain in a relationship.

7. We have significant figures.

6. We have taken a course on the motion of rigid bodies.

5. Projectile motion... need we say more?

4. Engineers do it according to specification.

3. According to Newton, if two bodies interact, their forces are equal and opposite.

2. We know it's not the length of the vector that counts, but how you apply the force.

1. We know the Right Hand Rule