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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


es•cap•ism ( i-ska-piz-em) n. The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.

Nursing and care-giving; this are to date, the hottest school curriculum being offered. And why is that? --Because countries across the globe are in need of them; countries capable of giving them a higher salary, a bigger opportunity, a rich, old, senile, paralytic Canadian’s crap on their hands. I have nothing against them; being under a terrible system, I couldn’t blame nursing hopefuls why most of them want to leave this struggling country. It’s so surprising that even doctors already practicing their profession enroll on these courses.

What’s wrong with you guys?! Don’t give me answers like, “napapaka-praktikal lang ako” or “wala na kasing magyayari sa Pilipinas eh”. BULLSHIT! That’s the problem with our citizens. We are not as proud as Americans are to their country. We aren’t as patriotic, as supportive, as they are to America. I saw Americans crying as their anthem was being played. I could even bet all of my money that not half of us have our national anthem memorized. I would even sell my soul to the devil if a quarter of those people know the title of the anthem! Bayang magiliw? Ang mamatay ng dahi sayo? What’s wrong with us?! Let’s not look at country pride alone. Colonial Mentality. How many of us prefer imported goods over local? McDonalds whoops Jollibee’s big ass. Converse outsells Advan 1000 to 1. Let’s save the world form cavities with Colgate not B-E-A-M means smile. It’s always like that. We are killing our own industries. Yes, we know that local product are substandard compared to the products produced by the monster companies, but the less we patronize their stuff, the worse their product would be.

During the 60’s, our country was at its peak, its Golden Age. This was the time when everything was abundant, Philippines was placed next to Japan as the fastest growing country in the east. We were the envy of the elephant-strong Thailand, Malaysia and its sky scrapers and Hong Kong that was just selling chickens. Countries overseas send scholars here to learn our agricultural secrets, the real gold mine. This is where we should focus in order to be back on track again not in billiards, neither in basketball.

Change should begin within. There should be a radical change to make this happen but before all of that, we should first learn to embrace our nationality. This means no more American Dreams, no more kids who answer “my dream is to go abroad” in slum books, and yes, forget the dream of snow. If making NOYPI our new national anthem just to make it easier for us to memorize it, then let it be!

It has start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here
What better time than NOW!


Blogger stardust081582 said...

dadi, philippines is the only country where mc do is number 2 in terms of ranking and a far number 2 if we will consider the digits. hehe =)

im so proud of you dad. salamat sa mga kagaya mo. noypi pa rin.

31 August, 2005 16:41  
Blogger 321Fire said...

i prefer chickenjoy over mcchicken!

31 August, 2005 16:43  
Blogger 321Fire said...

ah noypi pala

mas pipiliin ko and manoksaya kesa mcmanok!

31 August, 2005 16:44  
Blogger droz said...

yup #2 nga mcdo pero alam mo ba kung saan nanggagaling yung points ng mcdo? yup sa mga sosyal at pa-sosyal, konyo at pa-konyo, mga pinoy blondes at iba pang feeling-joe. mcdo has hit jollibee where it hurts the most. kung sino pa yung may biggest chance to pull our country back up. they got those numbers. haayyy...

31 August, 2005 17:32  
Blogger 321Fire said...

d'droz, where's my testi??

31 August, 2005 18:17  
Anonymous Angela said...

Andro, tama ka....tama ka talaga! Kaya nga nasasaktan ako at nalulungkot kapag nagtataka yung mga kaklase ko at iba pang mga nurse dahil gusto ko pa rin magtrabaho dito at least 3 years man lang samantalang pde nko umalis as in now nah....

Haaay, buti na lang nasa dugo ko pa ang pagmamahal sa bayan. Sana di mawala. Magme2d na lang ako para di mapressure umalis. hehehe...Yngats lagi! Hope to hear from you too!!!

01 September, 2005 09:56  
Blogger droz said...

tama yan gelai! ituloy mo na sa pagiging doktor yan. mas marangal na trabaho. bigatin pa. :) para dalawa na kayo ni jobart na pwedeng kunsultahin ng klase! naks!! goodluck!

01 September, 2005 15:09  
Blogger droz said...

magiging defensive na pala ako...

wala naman akong thing against nursing and i don't look at it as a lowly profession. in fact madami akong kamag-anak na nurse na nasa ibang bansa na. sinasabi ko lang na madami pang ibang paraan para umasenso. madami kasing kumukuha ng nursing just to go abroad. sila yung tinutukoy ko. ok? malinaw? comprendi?!?!?!?

01 September, 2005 15:16  

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