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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

shutdown training shit

Another day wasted here at "Krap". I spent all of my time today taking pictures of the seminars conducted in different venues througout the plant. It's funny that every picture I take looks identical. A person in front yapping and yapping about proper etiquette shit and dumb-asses sitting in front of him who are not really listening. I should have been doing more important stuff like taking a dump, playing ragnarok (waaaa! last day ng 2x experience today and i'm stuck here! /sob), or doing REAL work like time studies and other analyses. Imagine guys, for the whole week, my sched is gonna be like this. The only different thing I'm sheduled to do would be on Thursday. I'm assigned to do have the atendees do an evaluation form. Gather the results and compute for the eval! SHIT! If that ain't shittier than than taking their pictures, what is?!

I wanna go home! I need a cup of coffee. That's the only thing I look forward to here at work and guess what? We're all out of coffee. The thing is, we supply coffee for the whole of the Philippines and we ain't got even one sachet of that bland 3in1! SHIT!

later pards<--haha!


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