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Thursday, July 21, 2005

left alone: day 1

i arrived here at work around 9am, 30 mins late; raining outside, office is locked, no one inside any of the other offices, only a bundle of papers wedged between the door and the post waiting for me to encode it. ahhhhhh... work indeed! what a way to start the day.

come to think of it, it's cool. at least i don't have to finish my work on a deadline. (fyi: usually, i must finish those forms before 9am for the morning meeting) i can also turn up the volume of the radio without fearing another angry manager bolting to my office aking me to turn it off. i can wear jeans, shirt and sneakers. i actually have the time to finally finish the book i'm reading. i can do nothing work-related at all. in short, a perfect day!

i have so much in store for this day! hahaha!


Blogger stardust081582 said...

dadi, whatever happend to day2? mukhang sobrang saya at hindi mo na nakuhang magPC ha? hehe =) teka wait, kwento mo naman sa blog mo... =)

26 July, 2005 17:00  

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