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Monday, July 18, 2005

work... and work again

the weekend has ended.

our team is still crippled with 2 members out. (one's on leave to play underwater hockey in singapore for the whole week, another's in rehabilitation for a month due to motorcycle accident) guess who's assigned to do all their work? yup! me and lala. imagine, ojt's doing the jobs of regualr employees earning really big. imagine kraft shelling-out 150/day instead of thousands. haaaay... that's life!

this thursday and friday, ALL of plant management will be attending a workshop leaving us OJT's the only employees aside from the line workers. i'm in a position that would make me plant manager for the 2 days! hahaha! funny isn't it? but true. although we're really not getting the title of plant manager, we will be responsible for overheading production, reporing incidents to our boss and doing our routine jobs. certainly a big responsibility given to us. (we are actually planning not to go to work for those said days) it's cool but HELLO?! are they nuts?! but it is really COOL! hehehehe!


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