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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

eureka moment!

hey, i have something to write at all! this few days have been very fun (and money-eating).

friday: My parents picked me up after work. we dropped by la salle to pick up my sister then we headed straight to greenbelt. twas out first time to go to greenbelt as a family, our objective, to buy my sis her holy grail, an iPOD nano. her birthday's coming anyway. after we got the coveted gadget, we dined at Italiani's (another first) and boy, was that chilled sicillian salad in dijon sauce great!

saturday: a thesis day. (unproductive at all)

sunday: after hearing mass in phil-am, we went straight to greenhills to canvass for a laptop and a new phone for my father. grabe! after almost 4 years, i finally got a chance to go back there. (during my sophomore year, i go to greenhills weekly to buy magic cards and anime CDs). a funny but cool thing happened to me that day. while we were inquiring for the laptop prices, one saleslady asked my mother

"Ma'am la salle po si sir diba?"
"Oo, paano mo nalaman?"
"Suki po kasi yan sa PC rentals namin dun sa tapa ng la salle, sa TAZZ. araw-araw po yan nandun!"

My mom gave a me a cold stare... so that's where you have been spending your allowance. hehe!

monday: my sister's birthday and again, they picked me up at work. we had dinner at dencio's and was i full?! the moment we arrived home, a horrifying news welcomed us. one of my titos passed away while playing badminton. a massive heart attack, he was a very sporty man in his early forties who play basketball and badminton twice a week and bowling during weekends. a shocking surprise (redundancy required).

tuesday: my father's birthday and for the third time, they dropped by kraft to get me. i think i'm starting to be dependent to them once again. hehe! i have forgotten what it feels like to ride a jeep back home. well, we decided to have a light dinner at figaro's. i ordered pasta al tonno (tuna, black olives, capers and parsley in olive oil sauce), grilled eggplant panini and a garden salad. i'm trying to shift to a healthier lifestyle fearing possible heart ailments common to our family.

today: ... blog day


Anonymous seis said...

ipod nano...drools....


zen micro photo > ipod nano
(i do listen to radio sometimes too...)

28 September, 2005 21:07  
Blogger droz said...

maganda ba zen micro photo? smaller than nano?! price range?

29 September, 2005 09:48  
Anonymous seis said...

the looks
ipod = 10 /10
zen micro photo = 5/10

ipod = 9/10 (does it have radio features?)
zen micro photo = 10/10 (the radio ^^)

size... they are both that small, but nano is smaller i think... (and hell lot thinner)

in the end, ill still choose an mp3 player that has/is...
1. a hard drive type (thousands of songs that can be stored)
2. a screen that shows the info of the song being played
3. color black (and red)
4. small

as for the prices, dunno... hahah

29 September, 2005 10:16  

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