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Saturday, September 03, 2005

supermodels + serial killers = satanism

this could be one of the sickest thing you'll ever hear your whole life. ..
i had a dream last night seeing the rapids then i got washed up in a beach made of cocaine. the sky was made of LSD. and every tree was marijuana. then the cops pulled me over, they did not arrest me. instead they s*cked my d*ck! then God came down from the sky above and said, "Marilyn Manson from now on you would no longer spell God, G-O-D." i said, "so, God, how do you you want me to spell it?" he said, "gimme a D, gimme an R, gimme a Uuuuu, gimme a Geeeeee... how do you spell it? DRUG, DRUG, DRUG!!" ---i don't like the drugs intro

marilyn manson (and the spooky kids) is the band that spoke of nothing other than sex, drugs, hate and satanism; talk about freedom of speech! example...

1. i don't like the drugs (but the drugs like me)
2. antichrist superstar
3. cake and sodomy
4. shitty chicken gang bang
5. irresponsible hate anthem ...and the list continues

the band members got their names from female supermodels and demented serial killers. (x = ex-bandmate)

1. marilyn manson (marilyn monroe and the lovable charlie manson)
x 2. daisy berkowitz (sizzling-hot daisy fuentes and david "son of sam" berkowitz)
3. madonna wayne-gacy (timeless madonna and chicago's pride, john wayne-gacy jr.)
4. twiggy ramirez (twiggy and night stalker richard ramirez)
x 5. gidget gein (gidget and buffalo bill's eddie gein)
x 6. sara lee lucas ("the" sara lee and henry lee lucas)

other members are zim zum and john 5 and i don't know where the hell their names came from. hehe!

they are just plain sick! DISPOSABLE, according to one of their songs.


Blogger 321Fire said...

Marilyn whaaat? Drugs shit. E

05 September, 2005 12:12  
Anonymous seis said...

hahah, ifever i will be in a band and asked for my musical influences, this would definitely be in my list...

btw, twiggy ramirez left marilyn manson last year i think (he is now with a perfect circle), he was replaced by Tim Skold (former KMFDM).


06 September, 2005 13:50  
Blogger droz said...

KMFDM? i guess they ran out of supermodels and serial killers after all starting from zimzum to tim skold. try NAOMI HUSSEIN or KATE BIN-LADEN (hehe serial killers are out of date, terrorists win!)

if a pinoy band emulates this band, what names do you think will they use? hehe! post your suggestions...

(sexy starlet + rapist)

07 September, 2005 10:55  

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