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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

smells like burnt hair

yesterday, i left office early (around 5:15pm) to pick up chai. i arrived there before she was done dressing up for my birthday slash dinner date celebration. i got hold of her sister's guitar to keep myself busy. the guitar was quite rusty and out of tune. i guess i am the only one who used that guitar since they bought it and it has been a while since i last visited. i was in the middle of my concierto when his cousin went hysterical. "oh my god! someone left the stove on!" he shouted, making me pounce my way to the kitchen (almost dropping the guitar).

i saw the frying pan ablaze. the flame resembled that of a pyre during your camping days. it was big. almost reaching the ceiling. without thinking, i grabbed the pan by its nearly-melting rubber handle and tried to blow-off the fire to no avail. the cooking oil, acting like fuel was really making it hard for me to put it off. i rushed the blazing pan outside to the laundry area and flushed it with water. whew!

the aftermat:
i got most of the hair on my right arm either singed or curled due to heat. damn! my tangerine dress shirt also got staied by the burnt cooking oil. (i hope it comes off!!!)

well, i didn't want that toasty incident to ruin the night. we had our dinner at figaro's (grilled eggplant sandwich, creamy chorizo, garden salad) then shot hoops at the amuzement zone (where i registered my highest score ever, 145pts in 100 secs). the night turned out very enjoying with chai most of the time making fun of my now-curly arm hair.


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