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Friday, January 20, 2006

WI-FI... why? fuck!

and i thought everything's working fine after 3 trips to the IT department...

well, apparently, my wi-fi's still fucked up! it's funny, everytime i have the IT dude fix my wi-fi, it would work. I even tried to restart my laptop to test if the connection isn't a fluke. friendster, yahoo, google, all of them are loading but whenever i try to connect ouside the library (where the IT support is located), the only page my wi-fi connects to is the la salle homepage! whoopeedoo!

surfing the la salle page is uber fun! that is the only site where i can see all the profiles of my beloved professors and the latest curriculum offered. i can read updates on the school's handbook (dress code is lifted, frats are now legal as of september 2005). i could also access my previous grades on that site! weeee! but the best part of it, green schemes everywhere! no wonder more and more la sallians are turning green (thanks to the infamous LEO. haha!)

but why isn't my wi-fi working properly? i tried every method to connect, using the laptop's intel pro set wireless and the windows wireless network only to be disappointed. i even let a handfull of my classmates who has a laptop that could actually access wi-fi to check out my setings. all of 'em unsuccessful after numerous battery cycle times. maybe i'm just not destines to maximize my laptop and my tuition fee. shit!


Anonymous seis said...

ayos yang wifi na yan a
san ako pwede mag inquire (parang gusto ko subukan yan)


22 January, 2006 12:23  

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