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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Elves and the Cheesemaker

Goooood mornin' peeps!

I'm doing line yield analysis today. After carefully analysing the data, I therefore conclude that kraft owns a magical machine that is an exception to the scientific truth that all energies, as well as raw materials transformed into something different undergoes loss (may it be in power or volume). This revolutionary machine is capable of producing more than what is inputed. It's normal to have a machine's efficiency and yield up to 75%. Excellent when it reaches the 85+ mark. Phenomenal to break the 90% margin. But never in my life have I heard of a machine capable of surpassing 100% yield!


Hahaha! I just formulated a theory that magical Keebler elves (yes, the cute ones inside the giant oak tree that makes those delicious cookies) live inside the machine. They are almost the same as the famous ones that helped The Shoemaker. This is the latest in cheap and mystical labor. Never again will multi-national companies employ Indian and Chinese kids for labor. Who needs them anyway? They can't fly, they don't sing songs of merriment.

Long live those lovable elves!

(Oh Keebler elves, sprinkle me with magical DUST!)


Blogger ihyne said...

hehehe..salamat ha, sa paggawa nyong lahat ng yield analysis..malaking help samin yan sa MBD!!! mabuhay!! salamat, binawasan nyo sangkatoochax na trabaho namen!!!

14 April, 2005 10:02  

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