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Monday, April 25, 2005

astonishing panorama

Kalanggaman Sandbar
Magnificent is an understatement.

There is no word in my vocabulary that can describe the beauty of the beach. Everything in that place is just sooooo cool. Malapascua Island, simply stunning; from the crystal-clear waters and powdery-white sand to the lush greens and the perfect weather. Malapascua Island definitely is the place to be this summer. Most people say it's better than Boracay, I agree. (hands down) It's the haven for divers and snorklers (is there such a term?) boasting an array of sealife from bizarre mollusks to Thresher Sharks. This is why it's not surprising that 90% of the people there are foreigners, mostly Europeans. In fact, we were the ones who looked like foreigners!

My view for the island suddenly changed when we went to an island 2 and a half hour from the coast of Malapascua. There IS a place better than this HEAVEN!

An island, or should I say a SANDBAR, which isn't even a kilometer long and 10 meters wide. Clam port-side beach on your left, stronger, deeper waters on your right. Imagine yourself standing, sandwiched by water. Half of the island actually submerges during high tide. It boasts finer, whiter sand than El Nido or Boracay. Coral reef surrounding the slim isle. The clearest waters you'll ever see. I have been to the best beaches in the Philippines and I'm telling you guys, Kalanggaman Island definitly set the bar so high, it almost hit the moon. I'm not exaggerating guys! You DEFINITELY gotta see this island!

L to R: Tita Eli, Carlo, Arol, Me, Mom and Dad


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